Our Team

Novelty Factor is a working group formed under Original Pursuits LLC. Novelty Factor’s team strives for diversity and creativity in its members. We are always on the lookout for interested parties to work with us.

Our Team Planning For Total Annihilation


An organization’s culture is defined by the collective values and attitudes of its members. These translate into the goals and practices which will “make or break” future success.

At Novelty Factor, our primary focus when it comes to the individuals driving the group is the satisfaction they derive from their contributions. This is why we always strive to ensure healthy balances, and solid relationships built on mutual respect. Your productivity isn’t the total measure of your worth. Being on-call at any time doesn’t make you more valuable. Individuals aren’t simply human “resources” from which to extract as much monetary value as possible, but rather valuable contributors to a shared vision.

We eschew power structures and hollow obedience, toxic demands for respect, and fragile egos. Your contribution isn’t a direct reflection of your worth or quality as a person, and it can always be improved. We foster and encourage growth and development. If constructive criticism of your output is a direct censure of your ego, then you’re in the wrong place. As a group founded on individualism, there is no room for those who yearn for allegiance (otherwise known as “team loyalty”), make power moves, lead by domination, or to take credit where none is due.

Our Virtual Office

The goal of a ‘virtual office’ in a ‘virtual space’ is to be able to work remotely, anywhere on the globe, while still retaining the experience of occupying a shared space. Simply connecting virtually, via teleconferencing video calls, on message boards/wikis, or even real-time chat isn’t enough when it comes to teamwork or fostering organizational culture. Co-location is a central tenet of the Agile workflow, for example, as well as having other benefits.

We needed a way to be able to be remote, and yet somehow impart or have the feeling of being in the same place. The only way to truly accomplish this experience is to have proxy for in-person reality: virtual reality. In this proxy you can project your presence into the ‘space’ (defined digitally) by use of an ‘avatar’ (also defined digitally). Here, without restrictions to physicality, consciousness can define itself, and it’s surroundings, in a truly unique way. It also costs less than a physical location.

When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit, the landscape of work changed across the globe. Prior to the pandemic, Novelty Factor already had deployed a ‘virtual office’ on the virtual reality platform SecondLife as its headquarters. Perhaps we were a bit ahead of the curve?

As the re-organization of Novelty Factor occurred the virtual headquarters went ‘down’. A new virtual headquarters is being constructed on SecondLife with the goal of building community, fostering awareness of the group, and pursuing collaboration on future projects.


An informal partnership of two esteemed founding individuals heads up the group as a team:

  • Asher Wolfstein – Co-founding member Novelty Factor, Asher hails from the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The quintessential autodidact, Asher enjoys creating fascinating websites, studying linguistics, computer science, electrical engineering, and developing computer game software.
  • Maus Merryjest – Co-founder and Executive Artistic Master, Maus enjoys a vast cosmopolitan background. Speaking four languages, singing Opera, and traveling the world, Maus brings a vast encyclopedic knowledge of the humanities and pop culture to the table.

Read more about the Co-Founders of Novelty Factor.

Investing and Consultation Team Partners

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Future Partners

Interested in working with us or collaborating? As you can hopefully tell, we’re very open to all sorts of ideas and projects. If anything here resonates with you, please feel free to contact us to see if there’s anything Novelty Factor could help you with, or you could help us with! We love creative and unique quality ideas.

    Graphic based on a photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash