Novelty Factor’s Values, History, And Core Vision

Novelty Factor is based on a stoic philosophy for living with values focused on practical application and benevolent normative ethics.

Evil, not value, is an absence and a negation, evil is impotent and has no power but that which we let it extort from us.

John Galt in Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Novelty Factor’s Vision

The world has arguably changed more in the last hundred years than it did in the centuries prior. Because human enterprise has the unique ability to build upon itself, innovation and growth continue to accelerate. The world we know now is shaped very differently than the one we knew even thirty years ago, thanks to the post-industrial technological boom. The dawn of the twenty-first century arrived with a promise of a future where humanity further shapes their reality beyond manufacturing, and in doing so, shapes the very fabric of their identities, their values, their society, and their natures.

The world is becoming ever smaller and accessible, knowledge ever more diverse and specialized, and individuals ever more individualistic and unique. Societal tides are turning, and the once ignored, discarded, and even oppressed are gaining an equal foothold in defining the legitimate. This is a transition time between the post-modern industrial revolution’s traditional conservatism and a new singularity era of human understanding, relation, expression, and acceptance.

Nothing’s Guaranteed

The future isn’t certain, however. We have witnessed recently how closely things can also come to breaking apart, causing irreparable and chaotic damage. Values are important. As heralds of a potential new belle époque, the rising voices must carefully tread, providing clear leadership and egalitarian protection. This is the shared vision of the co-founders of Novelty Factor: Asher and Maus. It is a vision of rebirth, opportunity, elevation, discovery, and adventure.

We see a potential renaissance in human values, understanding, and flourishing. We owe it to ourselves to strive towards expanding the good amidst the tumultuous background of societal change. This expression is only possible through the active recognition of existing reality and the proactive engineering of the things to come.

We must search out totally new ways to anchor ourselves, for all the old roots – religion, nation, community, family, or profession – are now shaking under the hurricane impact of accelerative thrust.

Alvin Toffler in Future Shock

Novelty Factor’s History And Foundations

At the beginning of 2015, Co-Founder Asher Wolfstein conceived of forming a development and publishing company for high-quality visual novels and other related software entertainment products. It would be a combination of Asher’s coding and writing skills combined with Co-Founder Maus’s visual arts and musical performance skills.

As projects were discussed and listed, a need for greater scope, centralization, and resources became apparent. What was needed was an ability to pursue unique entrepreneurial, artistic, and social visions by coupling them with sufficient capability to coordinate efforts. Asher, always the fountainhead of ideas, and Maus, ever the explorer, and their cohorts in the arts, entertainment, academic, pop culture, and services fields needed physical and virtual headquarters to produce quality content.

A Bold Vision

The aim: videos, podcasts, books, articles, websites, publications, engagements, performances, aesthetics, communities, commentary, software, and other liberated expressions whose detailed and intelligent foundations lay in researched and thoughtful new content marketing for all business and social endeavors.

Novelty Factor officially established itself in February of 2019. The goal was to produce the most compelling quality results by always aiming to impress with everything they did. In July of 2021, Novelty Factor launched How To Program Anything. In 2022, Novelty Factor is now more focused on technological solutions for content creation and distribution than content publishing itself. This currently results in the production of websites and services. Flagship deliverables under this focus include Incarnate Me (a social network), Singer Notes (a special interest video-sharing site).

Novelty Factor’s Core Values

It’s important when engaging in any large enterprise to identify its purpose and raison d’être. This lets us identify the limits to action, the motivations, and the methods to accomplish the objectives. While inspired by the introspective and familiar beauty of his home Rocky Mountains, Asher drew upon decades of contemplation and life experience to draft three core values for Novelty Factor:

  1. Meaning – Thoughts and actions impact ourselves and others. The meaning of this impact is up to individuals and is beneficial or detrimental to their existence. Our design is one of fostering creativity, power, growth, expansion, benevolence, and comprehension.
  2. Capability – Knowledge is the potential energy for power. By respectfully dedicating to its acquisition and wise employment, we can become more than what we are. Through reason, we can maintain and build futures that are full of wild possibilities and beautiful experiences.
  3. Liberty – True freedom is the ability to leverage the beneficial consequences of one’s efforts as one sees fit while accepting the responsibilities for and learning from their detrimental effects. Without the ability to choose and execute the appropriate course within this framework, no one can achieve true individual meaning. Without these risks, there is no growth, creativity, nor benefit.

Our Principles Of Business

These three core values inform the nine principles of business under which Novelty Factor operates. They are the metaphysical axioms that shape our epistemology and direct our ethics. These nine principles guide the decisions of Novelty Factor:

  1. Authenticity – Honesty recognizes that absolutely no real, lasting value can ever be predicated on a falsehood. We leverage this existential absolute in our actions, communications, decisions, and relationships. Developing actual meaning is entirely dependent on this principle.
  2. Consistency – Maintaining an entity’s functional integrity requires a dedication to intellectual and actionable non-contradiction. Confusion and loss of trust result from professing one conclusion but enacting the opposite. It erodes future capabilities and destroys any real intention or goals.
  3. Individualism – Anything new, whether created or modified, requires independent judgment. Real change comes from passionate individuals unafraid to seek the truth of their visions. We encourage independence and free thought, not dismissing or shying away from the seemingly strange, unfamiliar, or radical. The results of these visions are the brilliance of liberty.
  4. Productivity – Nothing ever happens if someone doesn’t take action. No rewards or growth in this existence come from merely being. Left alone, we must act to continue our survival. Our group strives to remain continuously active in pursuing more significant goals to bring about more outstanding capabilities.
  5. Intelligence – Without the ability to acquire it or apply it, knowledge alone is useless. The application of knowledge is intelligence. Without cultivating intelligence, we are incapable of judgments and communicating effectively. Seeking out and fostering intelligence is paramount to our mission of being a dynamically creative group.
  6. Respect – The healthy regard for someone’s character and value, including yourself, must be observed and determined by the virtue presented, or else it isn’t meaningful. This quality of respectability indicates its possessor deserves attention and consideration when making judgments or decisions. We aim to not only practice respect but to earn respect as a group.
  7. Virtue – When it is in your power to transmit them, withholding others’ consequences is unfair. These consequences may be up to you, so in accordance, one must evaluate and recognize things for what they are, not what one desires them to be. Acting with conviction per this principle, we aim to amplify everyone’s value and quality of life.
  8. Pursuit – It is only through this pursuit of identification that we will achieve what we value by applying these principles. Without this dignified labor, it is challenging to cultivate meaning, capability, and especially liberty.
  9. Eudaimonia – The ultimate goal of all business is eudaimonia. It is human flourishing and prosperity in everything. Seeking to employ these principles, we aim for virtuous gratification, mutually benevolent trade with others, and the freedom to be the best and the greatest in our lives, for our lives.

Graphic based on a photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash