About The Novelty Factor LLC

The Novelty Factor LLC is a creative media and technology firm specializing in implementing unique artistic visions by utilizing the power of digital technology. Our goal is to enable our clients to leverage existing technology and information to achieve their commercial and artistic purposes. We draw on a diverse background of skills, education, and experience, including content production, performance, psychology, philosophy, information technology, software development, computer science, and research.

The Novelty Factor LLC logo. It shows a badge with a gear in the center of a lightbulb surrounded by electrons and the words, "Raising Standards Every Day." Across the bottom front a banner reads, "Novelty Factor."
The Novelty Factor LLC Logo Circa 1856

What Novelty Factor Isn’t

Many modern corporations today like to run the “unconventional” campaign occasionally. They proffer up ads with no specific purpose fawning over the innovators and outside-the-box problem solvers that look great next to flashy influencer hair-dos and LED lights. It’s a nice facade, but when the bottom line hits, many of the same filters funnel the same internal decisions as before. Creatives are still told, “No.”

Similarly, many a start-up aiming to make digs at sterile corporate culture with “edgy” laid-back attitudes fail time and again. At these places work is fun, fun is work, creativity is treasured, money doesn’t really matter, and time is flexible. It’s a veritable utopia of self-driven entrepreneurship where anything is possible. This lasts right up until the hubristic status quo, hidden under the optimism this whole time, rears its ugly head and everything dissipates back into its hazy origins.

What Novelty Factor Is

All of this leads up to the important contrast of The Novelty Factor LLC. We earnestly love the visionaries, the unique, and the unconventional without all that baggage. This is because we ARE the unconventional ourselves.

This means that we don’t care about your background or our egos, and instead focus only on the merit of your thoughts, actions, and your passion for quality. Those are the virtues we expect of ourselves, always aiming to impress and Raise The Standard. Unlike other opportunists, we’re not interested in making a fast buck off the odd and then discarding it when it falls out of favor. Our interest lies in making the different sustainable so that it can go on to change the world.

On Being Different

Have you ever heard the phrases, “Why would anyone want to do that?

Or “There’s no audience for that.”

Emphasis is usually placed on that to indicate whatever monstrosity just confronted them. Often these phrases come from people who allegedly know more than you, but not always.

Upon hearing this it’s common for the artist to feel dejected and discouraged, clinging to the hope that they can’t be the only one and that they’re not alone. We understand. We know. These frustrating phrases are why we conceived this company.

What We Do

Novelty Factor LLC was originally formed to produce Japanese-style Visual Novels and Simulations, and other computer games, for worldwide internet distribution. The Novelty Factor LLC now exists, expanded from that original organization, to make room for projects of a much larger scope.

We are currently offering a couple of in-house web projects (Singer Notes, Incarnate Me), social media management services (request a quote), as well as developing general content-delivery technology solutions with a focus on video streaming. In our research department, we’re working on specific artistic projects with a focus on interactive simulations (video games) via the development of a game engine called 魅惑 (Miwaku).

Our future roadmap includes website maintenance, digital publishing and distribution, crowdfunding, open-source personal management software, specific intellectual property franchises, and online community management.

Who We Are

The Novelty Factor LLC is owned, operated, and led by Asher (as Executive Creative Genius), and works informally with Maus Merryjest (as Executive Artistic Master). Find out more information about our team and their specific strengths.

Novelty Factor operates under a unified vision and goal to achieve its business objectives. This vision consists of three core values along with nine foundational principles set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Core Values

  1. Meaning – Our design is one of fostering creativity, power, growth, expansion, benevolence, and comprehension.
  2. Capability – Through reason, we can maintain and build futures that are full of wild possibilities and beautiful experiences.
  3. Liberty – Without liberty and risk, there is no growth, creativity, nor benefit.

Principles Of Business

  1. Authenticity – Developing meaning is entirely dependent on this principle of honesty.
  2. Consistency – A dedication to non-contradiction is the foundation of trust and integrity.
  3. Individualism – We value independence and free thought, not dismissing or shying away from the seemingly strange, unfamiliar, or radical.
  4. Productivity – We strive to remain continuously active in pursuing more significant goals.
  5. Intelligence – The application of knowledge is intelligence, and fostering this application is paramount to our mission.
  6. Respect – We aim to not only practice respect but to earn respect as a company.
  7. Virtue – Acting with conviction per this principle, we aim to amplify everyone’s value and quality of life.
  8. Pursuit – We labor to cultivate meaning, capability, and especially liberty.
  9. Eudaimonia – Seeking to employ these principles, we aim for virtuous gratification, mutually benevolent trade with others, and the freedom to be the best and the greatest in our lives, for our lives.

Read more about the Novelty Factor’s history, goals, and future.