Co-Founders Of Novelty Factor LLC

Novelty Factor is headed by an informal partnership of two esteemed co-founders, Asher Wolfstein and Maus Merryjest. Each of these co-founders is detailed below.

The Co-Founders

Asher Wolfstein – Executive Creative Genius

Asher Wolfstein

Asher is the quintessential autodidact. From philosophy to computer science, he has taught himself the majority of his hard-earned skills. He hails from the rural Rocky Mountains where he has worked as a fully licensed insurance agent, an educational technology paraprofessional, a professional programmer, ranch hand, writer, actor, and has even had his artwork displayed in local galleries.

Meaningful, practical work in animal husbandry, small construction, fence laying, and more helped form the foundation of Asher’s reality-based ethics of responsible self-application. Asher values quality and strives to be his personal best in everything he chooses to do. If something is not worth doing well, it’s probably not worth doing. He currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado with his husband where he enjoys creating fascinating websites, studying linguistics, computer science, electrical engineering, and developing computer game software.

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Maus Merryjest – Executive Artistic Master

Maus Merryjest

Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, Maus is an operatic tenor with impressive academic credentials: a Masters in Vocal Performance from CSU, recognition as a CSU Presidential International Research Fellow, a Bachelors in Visual Arts, and Certificates in Multimedia Technologies and Teaching English as a Second Language to Adults and Children.

Before leaving Ecuador, Maus graduated from a Jesuit administered senior high school with a focus on philosophy and social sciences. He then studied two years of psychology at the Universidad Catolica. He also completed the Cambridge Advanced Examination at the Guayaquil British Council. Inspired by bookworm parents and music lovers, Maus is vastly multifaceted! Undaunted by convention, he is fascinated both by the old works of Le Morte d’Arthur, Italo Calvino, Disney movies, and other pop culture. He speaks four languages (Spanish, French, English, and Italian) and is a card-carrying member of the International ABBA Fanclub.

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