Maus Merryjest

Maus Merryjest was a Co-Founder of the original Novelty Factor LLC and informally serves as the current organization’s Executive Artistic Master

A portrait of Maus Merryjest's virtual avatar: a purple humanoid feline creature with blue sunglasses and wild hair.
Maus, About To Cross The Event Horizon

Maus hails from the exotic and beautiful coasts of sunny Ecuador, and on top of that, is a card-carrying member of the International ABBA Fanclub.

A True Cosmopolitan

Inspired by bookworm parents and music lovers, Maus is vastly multifaceted! He speaks four languages (his mother tongue Spanish, French, English, and Italian). Maus has also debuted as an operatic tenor in lead roles.

After pursuing fifteen years of higher education, he has acquired a Masters in Vocal Performance from CSU, recognition as a CSU Presidential International Research Fellow, a Bachelor of Arts from Warren Wilson College, and Certificates in Multimedia Technologies and Teaching English as a Second Language to Adults and Children.

Sailing The Imagination In South America

Maus’ background is metropolitan Guayaquil, Ecuador, in full swing of the neon vomit orgy known as the eighties. The era’s inventiveness inspired him to exploit his imagination fully. As a young boy, he often drew comics on perforated spools of dot matrix printer paper. Beyond media, he also played at being Wonder Woman or Mary Poppins.

Contrasted against a background population that was traditionally Catholic and a cultural wasteland, Maus stood out early. Strange experiences and struggles with being different from the crowd rounded out his formative years.

Bridging The Gap

Undaunted by convention, he was fascinated both by the old works of Le Morte d’Arthur, Italo Calvino, Disney movies, and other pop culture. American television was a staple in his youth.

Maus often watched sitcoms like Susan Harris’ Golden Girls, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, Jim Burrows’ (et al.) Cheers, or Christy Marx’s Jem And The Holograms. He dreamed of bringing a little piece of that neon rainbow absurdity into the real world.

In his cosmopolitan lifetime, Maus has traveled to Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Colombia. He now resides in the United States.

Before leaving Ecuador, Maus graduated from a Jesuit administered senior high school with a focus on philosophy and social sciences. He then studied two years of psychology at the Universidad Catolica. He also completed the Cambridge Advanced Examination at the Guayaquil British Council. He learned early to respect the wisdom that can come from years of hard-earned experience instead of discarding it as many are want to do.

The Value Of Things

Beauty is not a decoration, an adornment, but an essential fuel and refreshment for the spirit. The job of the artist is far more critical than many people realize.

Maus Merryjest

Maus realized the value of history from reading his grandfather’s old books. He eventually observed that despite enjoying benefits from significant advances and novelties these days, we tend to ignore their foundations. We discard or forget, to our increasing peril, profound conceptual systems constructed by classic thinkers.

The words of Socrates, Xenophon, Aristotle, and Seneca ring with veracity even today. Renaissance intellectuals like John Milton, Erasmus of Rotterdam, or more recent Enlightenment writers like Adam Smith and Nicolas de Condorcet continue to offer significant insights. Modern thinkers such as Simone de Beauvoir, Umberto Eco, and Isaac Asimov provide new perspectives and integrations for the advancements of our time. All these philosophers have formed a timeless continuum responsible for shaping our modern world in terms of the creative spirit.

An Operatic Tenor

Maus’ greatest love of all amidst this sea of intellect is music. He especially adores the singing and legends of the international operatic stages. Maus immigrated to the United States primarily to pursue his singing and artistic career.

His circumstances lend him insight into the struggles and situations under which many artists and opera singers find themselves suffering. Because they lack outside support or true independent economic self-sufficiency, outdated traditions and greed stymie their efforts to remain competitive and accessible in the available performance industries.

As time progresses, it’s ostensibly more likely that stale directers will overlook unique and valuable talent. Historically dramatic individuals such as Carol Channing, Freddy Mercury, Bea Arthur, Luciano Pavarotti, and countless others that don’t fit into a self-centered neat box would today be ignored. They do not conform to a synthetic and restrictive standard of marketable beauty.

Breaking The Mould

Maus believes the art world needs both Maria Callas’ and Florence Foster Jenkins’. Their grace is necessary because there is virtue in both perfect technique and construction, and the inviolable individual artist’s unique specifics. While good craft more easily taps into the universality of human experience, it is the character that creates the actual irreproducible expression of living. Both are necessary to form a full picture of the human condition.

In essence, Rembrandt and Toulouse-Lautrec complement each other. Maus’ artistic and entrepreneurial quest is to find contemporary individuals who, with additional support, can bridge between the two. They can not only capture today’s zeitgeist but create it themselves. These creative notions help augment the three core values of Novelty Factor on an artistic level.

Keeping Up To Date

Maus works daily alongside Asher Wolfstein as the community liaison and coordinator for Novelty Factor. He is continually exploring pop culture, retro history, philosophical analyses (particularly pop culture historical artifacts such as the Ultima series; morality and ludonarrative mechanics anyone?), and good old-fashioned reviews and retrospectives of hidden gems and forgotten treasures. Are game streams, podcasts, collaborations, glimpses of creative projects in the works (including his project Grinners and Losers), and other miscellaneous eccentricities your thing? Then Maus is the media whore for you. Discover Maus’s voracious appetite for such media and an encyclopedic mind (plus just a touch of glib) at his personal blog By Word Of Maus.

Current Work

Maus’ current projects include:

  • Management of Social Media for The Novelty Factor LLC, (part of Kerzner/Mediarts Entertainment Inc.), and other clients (request a quote).
  • Development and expansion of the video-sharing site Singer Notes, now in closed-beta (request an account) as well as community management at Novelty Factor’s Incarnate Me social network service.
  • Development of video-game properties utilizing the proprietary 魅惑 (Miwaku) game engine and otherwise.

Previous work includes:

  • Member of the Social Media Management Team for Transolar Entertainment’s Summer Daze Kickstarter campaign, which resulted in funding for Summer Daze to be released on Steam on June 22, 2021.