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Evil, not value, is an absence and a negation, evil is impotent and has no power but that which we let it extort from us.

John Galt, Atlas Shrugged

Conceived in approximately 2017 but founded at the beginning of 2019 in preparation for a serious hit-the-ground-running launch in 2020, Novelty Factor LLC prides itself on being a cut above other companies in authenticity, value, and dedication to higher quality. In all aspects, from conception, service, production, and end use, to business relationships, contracts, and negotiations, the members and team of Novelty Factor LLC always aim to impress. We handpick our team members, contractors, vendors, consultants, and clients for their outstanding qualities and unique insight into what they know and what they do.

History and Foundations of Novelty Factor LLC

Novelty Factor started out conceived as a developer and publisher for high quality Japanese visual novel style (but with a Western bent) and other related entertainment software at the beginning of 2015. This was due to our co-founding member Asher’s interest in writing and programming these titles combined with co-founding member Maus’ graphic arts, musical performance, and composition, as well as multimedia technologies experience and abilities. The idea for the company and its scope bounced back and forth and revealed an apparent need for greater scope, centralization of projects, and more.

What was needed was an ability to pursue unique entrepreneurial, artistic, and social visions with enthusiasm and effectiveness by coupling them with a sufficient capability to coordinate efforts in organization, facilitation, production, marketing, and delivery. Asher, always the fountainhead of ideas, and Maus, ever the explorer, and their cohorts in the arts and entertainment, academic, popular culture, and services fields needed both physical and virtual headquarters for the production of quality content. The aim: videos, podcasts, books, articles, websites, publications, engagements, performances, aesthetics, communities, commentary, software, and other liberated expressions whose detailed and intelligent foundations lay in researched and thoughtful new content marketing for all business and social endeavors.

After initial discussions and some small private funding for equipment and legalities, Novelty Factor LLC was officially organized and established in February of 2019 on schedule. The founding and investing/consultation company members, as well as the manager and their team’s only goal, is to produce the most compelling quality results by always aiming to impress with everything they do.

Novelty Factor LLC’s Quality Core Values

Co-Founding Member and Executive Creative Genius Asher Kadar Wolfstein established these core values over the 2018 holiday season and through the transition into the new year amidst many celebrations. While inspired by the introspective and familiar beauty of the Rocky Mountains covered in the stillness of winter, he drew upon decades of contemplation and life experience doing business as executive, employee, and contractor to form the three core values of the company:

  1. Meaning – While our lives, thoughts, and actions arguably may not have an external nor intrinsic meaning, they do have value and impact on ourselves, others, and this existence from our own points of view. This meaning is up to us individually and is beneficial or detrimental to our existence. Our design is one of fostering creativity, power, growth, expansion, benevolence, and comprehension.
  2. Capability – Knowledge is power, and through respectful dedication to its acquisition and wise employment, we can become more than what we are currently. Through thought, consideration, and reason we can maintain and build futures for ourselves and others that are full of wild possibilities and beautiful experience.
  3. Liberty – True freedom is the ability to leverage the beneficial consequences of one’s efforts as one sees fit while accepting the responsibilities for and learning from the detrimental consequences of those same actions. Without the ability to choose and execute the appropriate course within this framework no true individual meaning nor improvements can be achieved, and without these risks, there are no growth, creativity, nor benefits.

These considered core values are a bit academic, one could argue, so what might they mean in principle? What do they say in action?

Novelty Factor LLC’s Principles of Business

When presented with these questions by the other Co-Founding Member (and Executive Artistic Master) Maus Merryjest, Asher drafted up nine principles of business to guide the decisions of the company and the characteristics to look for in its prospective partners. These are below in no particular order.

  • Authenticity – Honesty is the recognition that absolutely no real lasting value, neither economic nor personal, can predicate on a falsehood or non-existing situation. We leverage this existential absolute in our actions, communications, decisions, and relationships. Developing actual meaning is entirely dependent on this principle.
  • Consistency – Maintaining the functional integrity of an entity, both individual and collective, requires a dedication to intellectual and actionable non-contradiction. Confusion, loss of respect, and also trust results from thinking, professing, condoning, and encouraging one conclusion but enacting the opposite. It erodes future capabilities and destroys any real intention or goals.
  • Individualism – Anything new imagined or created, improved or changed, requires independent judgment, thought, and spirit. Real changes come about from passionate and dedicated individuals unafraid to seek not only truth but their own visions. Because of this, it is prudent to question and seek, pursue, and think differently and our company is all about that. We encourage independence and free thought and do not dismiss or shy away from the seemingly strange, unfamiliar, or radical. This is the brilliance of liberty.
  • Productivity – Nothing ever happens if someone or something doesn’t take action. One can’t reap any rewards nor foster growth in this existence from simply being without any production in either thought or behavior. Left alone, we must act to continue our survival. We can only actualize any potential by doing what we propose. By trying and delivering, our company strives to remain continuously active in pursuing its goals for our clients and further interests; bringing about meaning and capability.
  • Intelligence – Knowledge may be power, but without the ability to acquire it or put it into practice it is useless. This application is intelligence. Without cultivating intelligence, each of us is incapable of coming to judgments, forming opinions, or communicating effectively, and thus become helpless in our pursuit of meaning. Seeking out, fostering, encouraging, and respecting intelligence is paramount to being the most dynamically powerful company possible.
  • Respect – Not meant as admiration nor implicit approval, but rather as healthy regard for the character and value of someone or something including yourself which must be observed and determined by the virtue presented, or else it is meaningless. This quality of respectability indicates its possessor deserves attention and consideration when making judgments or decisions. False respect is a devaluation of your respect for yourself.
  • Virtue – When it is in your power to transmit them withholding the consequences from those who brought them about is unfair. These consequences may be up to you so in accordance, one must evaluate and recognize things for what they are, not what they should or desire to be. Acting with conviction per this principle amplifies the value and quality of life for everyone.
  • Pursuit – Wile we are conscious it is crucial that we take time to contemplate and figure out what is essential and valuable to us. It is only through this pursuit of identification can we then know what to do with ourselves, and it is only by a regular application of these values, this dignified labor, that we will achieve what we value. Without this pursuit, it is difficult to cultivate meaning, capability, and especially liberty.
  • Eudaimonia – The ultimate goal of all business, both professional and personal, in all these regards is eudaimonia. It is human flourishing and prosperity in everything. Seeking to employ these principles we aim for virtuous gratification, mutually benevolent trade with others, and the freedom to be the best and the greatest in our lives for our lives. We encourage and foster this with everyone we work with.

As written above these principles guide everything Novelty Factor LLC does, produces, and seeks. Our mission is to continually raise the bar of quality in transactions, relationships, production, and value. Our currently adopted process is a combination of the Japanese concepts 改善 (かいぜん), 反省 (はんせい), and 改革 (かいかく) while we develop further processes for our needs.

What Does Novelty Factor LLC Do?

Well, somewhere officially our business is listed as focusing on media strategies, and that’s true, but there is so much more than what that generally implies. Our goal is to help our clients, through our skills and specializations, leverage existing technology, information, and culture to holistically achieve their business and artistic purposes. We draw on a diverse background of skills, education, and experience towards this end including content production, performance, marketing, organizational psychology, philosophy, artistic talent and innovation, practical applications, computer science, and information technologies.

Our existing consultations include:

  • Conceptual refinement for artistic and business endeavors
  • Leveraging existing technology in innovative ways for improved processes and production
  • Modern organizational strategies for creating grounded, adaptive and healthy businesses
  • Content development, social media marketing, public relations, and brand messaging
  • Online presence engagement

The following codified service packages are currently available:

  • Custom software engineering and development of all varieties: embedded systems to servers in the cloud covering use cases ranging from practical information processing and analysis to interactive narrative-based simulations
  • Content (marketing) composition and editing ranging from written (web) copy and prose to dynamic video productions
  • Online presence maintenance including traditional websites and blogs, social media accounts, branding, deployment, scheduling, and automation
  • Website/service hosting on our hosting server (where we host all our own internal projects and client websites.)

Have you ever heard the phrases, “Why would you want to do that? Who would read or watch that? There’s no audience for that. Nobody cares about / will buy that. Are you serious?” We feel you, we know. While we can’t guarantee commitment, if you have an idea, we’d like to hear it, mainly if it’s unique, visionary, and unconventional. Novelty Factor LLC thrives on open-mindedness and careful considerations. We don’t care about your background, only the merit of your thoughts, actions, and your passion for quality.

What Inspires Novelty Factor LLC?

The collectively perceived human universe’s expansion since the dawn of the twenty-first century is breathtaking: technology is becoming ever more accelerated, the world ever smaller and accessible, knowledge is ever more diverse and specialized, and people ever more individualistic and unique. In the face of this it is wise to heed the following:

We must search out totally new ways to anchor ourselves, for all the old roots — religion, nation, community, family, or profession — are now shaking under the hurricane impact of the accelerative thrust.

Alvin Toffler, Future Shock

The shared vision of Novelty Factor LLC’s Co-Founding Members, Asher K. Wolfstein, and Maus Merryjest is one of rebirth, a renaissance, in human values, understanding, and flourishing. Amidst the tumultuous background of societal changes in culture, community, and more, we owe it to ourselves to strive towards and support the expansion of the good. This expansion is only possible through the active recognition of existing reality and the proactive molding of the future. It is our unending journey.

The Company’s Founding Members and Team

The Co-Founders, Investing, and Consulting Members, as well as the company’s manager who heads up all operations, comprise Novelty Factor LLC’s foundations and base echelons.

Asher Kadar Wolfstein
Co-Founding Member and Executive Creative Genius

Portrait of Asher Wolfstein
A recent portrait of Asher

Asher is a quintessential auto-didact essentially teaching himself the majority of his hard-earned skills and knowledge. Born near the beginning of the eighties up in the rural Rocky Mountains he was not only exposed to but participated in the traditional independent western ranching lifestyle. Natural connection, livestock, agriculture, and meaningful practical work helped form the foundation of his reality-based ethics of observation, understanding, and responsible self-application. He was exposed at the early age of seven to the beginnings of personal interactive electronics with access to his family’s then obsolete TRS-80 Color Computer II 16k and the rebirth of the North American video game industry via the Japanese originating Nintendo Entertainment System. He immediately fell in love with learning to operate and control this personal computer by studying the included manuals and implementing their knowledge for his unique purposes, which of course included improving his life and the actualization of imaginative worlds and seemingly living narratives.

Growing up in a well-connected community amidst the transience of tourism he learned to appreciate the values of commonality as well as individuality, seeing as how he was always different but perhaps despite this, appreciated. With this appreciation, he learned to criticize and eschew coercion and force, and seek only authentic benefits through self-reliant cooperation and respect. Even after transitioning to his always beloved urban environment of cosmopolitan abundance and possibilities on the Front Range, he believes one is responsible for one’s own beliefs and actions, and thus any resultant happiness or lack of it.

He is fascinated by the capacity for thought, philosophy, and applied technology to have far-reaching beneficial effects on the quality of life of the individual and their endeavors. Previously employed, in his pursuits, in a variety of ways including ranch hand, professional programmer, fully licensed insurance agent, writer, actor, and as a technology paraprofessional in an educational setting, his eventual artwork has been displayed in local galleries. Though his traditionally recognized academic qualifications are confined, he has experience in working effectively with a wide variety of individuals with varying degrees of skill and knowledge towards mutual benefit and understanding in a range of occasionally unusual settings.

Asher loves quality living, values, and people, and strives to be his personal best in everything he does. Acquiring new perspectives, skills, and knowledge is of paramount importance to his self-empowerment, and thus Asher reads and writes with great abandon and dedication. He believes in a lot of solid but sometimes counter-intuitive principles. If something is not worth doing well, it is not worth doing. You can’t help people by taking away from others because then you’re not helping anybody. Your existence alone doesn’t automatically make you important, virtuous, good or bad. You don’t have to do anything; it is always a choice. His stoicism includes the idea that honor, fame, and riches are neutral and worth little, but that virtue means everything. Monetary wealth is merely a tool, not a goal, to use towards the achievement of your goals, and in that furtherance earned.

Asher’s further musings on life, his technological projects both commercial and personal (particularly with code), his interests and concerns, loves and hates, what he spelunks from his cavernous mind, what’s he’s currently into, and his surprising life of joy from painful beauty is available at his personal blog “World of Wunk

Maus Merryjest
Co-Founding Member and Executive Artistic Master

Virtual portrait of Maus Merryjest
A virtual portrait of Maus Merryjest.

A card-carrying member of the International ABBA Fanclub, Asher’s continual partner in crime for the last fifteen years hails from the exotic and beautiful coasts of sunny Ecuador. Inspired by parents who were bookworms and music lovers he has become vastly multifaceted! He speaks four languages (his native tongue Spanish, French, English, and Italian), and has debuted as an operatic tenor and sung in lead roles. He’s pursued fifteen years of secondary education culminating in a Masters in Vocal Performance and recognition as a Presidential International Research Fellow at his alma mater, as well as a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration on painting and drawing, in addition to two Certificates in Multimedia Technologies and Teaching English as a Second Language to Adults and Children.

Unlike Asher, Maus grew up in a metropolitan city in full swing of the neon vomit orgy known as the eighties. The inventiveness of the era inspired him as a child to fully exploit his imagination, whether it was drawing his own comic books on perforated spools of dot matrix printer paper, or playing at being Wonder Woman or Mary Poppins. Despite growing up in a mostly traditional Catholic population amidst a seeming cultural wasteland among the youth of his time, Maus’childhood became filled with strange experiences and struggles with being different from the crowd. He came to be fascinated by the old works and sentiments like Le Morte d’Arthur while at the same time adoring the fantastic imagination of Disney’s movies and other pop culture such as the rampant evening sitcoms like Susan Harris’ Golden Girls. Obviously undaunted by convention, he always seeks to bring that little piece of neon rainbow absurdity into the real world.

Although he was born in the small but resource-rich country of Ecuador, in his cosmopolitan lifetime he has traveled to Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, and now resides in the United States of America. In fact, before leaving Ecuador in pursuit of furthering his career, he graduated from a Jesuit run senior high school with a focus in philosophy and social sciences, studied two years of psychology at the Universidad Catolica, and successfully completed the Cambridge Advanced Examination at the Guayaquil British Council. His academic history might seem surprising, but as you can now imagine Maus cultivated an unusual appreciation early. He was more interested in interacting with adults than people his age, and so Maus learned to respect the wisdom that can come from years of hard-earned experience instead of discarding it as many are want to do.

He understands that beauty is not an adornment but an essential fuel and refreshment for the spirit, and as such, the job of the artist is far more critical than many people are likely to realize. He realized the value of history from reading his grandfather’s old books which eventually led him to observe that in this era we may enjoy and benefit from significant advances and novelties but tend to ignore their foundations, profound conceptual systems by classic thinkers, at our increasing peril. Such as the words of Socrates, Xenophon, Aristotle. The Renaissance thinkers such as John Milton, Erasmus of Rotterdam, and more recent writers of the enlightenment such as Adam Smith, Nicolas de Condorcet. Perhaps even with the potential of modern thinkers such as Simone de Beauvoir, Umberto Eco, and Isaac Asimov, they all form a timeless continuum that in one way or another is responsible for our modern world when it comes to the creative spirit in the past, present, and future. The knowledge of ancient and present comingle and cohabitate in a perpetual feedback loop of creation and regeneration.

His greatest love of all though amidst this sea of intellect was music and especially the singing and legends of the international operatic stages. Not wanting to repeat the stories of his recent familial heritage, as well as not sharing the modern zeitgeist of his native country (engendering a constant feeling of being out of place), Maus pursued his singing and artistic career and eventually came to the United States of America. His background has lent him insight into the struggles and situations artists and opera singers lacking outside support or true independent economic self-sufficiency face in their efforts to remain competitive and accessible in the available performance industries, regardless of work ethic, quality, dedication, or artistic value.

As time progresses, it is ostensibly becoming less likely that historically uniquely dramatic individuals such as Carol Channing, Freddy Mercury, Bea Arthur, Luciano Pavarotti, and countless more would be overlooked today since they do not conform to a synthetic and restrictive standard of marketable beauty. He believes the artistic world needs both Maria Callas’ and Florence Foster Jenkins’. Their grace is needed because there is not only virtue in perfect technique and construction but also the unique character and often important specifics of the inviolable individual artist. The former more easily taps into the universality of human experience, while the latter into the art of actual irreproducible expression of living. Both are necessary to form a full picture of the human being, and in essence, Rembrandt and Toulouse-Lautrec compliment each other. Maus’ artistic and entrepreneurial quest is to find the contemporary individuals who, with additional support, can bridge between the two and not only capture today’s zeitgeist, but create it themselves.

If you’re into pop culture, retro history, philosophical analyses (particularly of pop culture historical artifacts such as the Ultima series, morality and ludonarrative mechanics anyone?), as well as good old fashioned reviews and retrospectives of hidden gems and forgotten treasures. Perhaps game streams, podcasts, collaborations, glimpses of creative projects in the works (including his comic Grinners and Losers), and other miscellaneous eccentricities are your thing; then this is the media whore for you. Discover Maus’ voracious appetite for such media and an encyclopedic mind (plus just a touch of glib) at “Word of Maus

Investing and Consulting Members

There are currently no Investing nor Consulting Members.

Operational Company Manager

Asher and Maus are currently seeking a qualified and fitting individual to take the place of the Operational Company Manager. This position would form and align immediate reactive strategies, short-term goals, organizational implementations, manage the daily top-level communications, operations, and logistics, track performance, and provide insight to company Members towards forming overarching processes, philosophy, and long-term strategies. This individual would ultimately answer to the Co-Founding Members and is expected to work closely with all contractors, investors, consultants, employees, and clients at all levels of the business. If you have any interest, please contact us through the form below:

Interested in Working With Us or Collaborating?

As you can hopefully tell, we’re very open to all sorts of ideas and projects. If anything here resonates with you, please feel free to contact us to see if there’s anything Novelty Factor LLC could help you with. We love creative and unique quality ideas.

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