Hello World!

Yes, I actually used that title for this post.  Really, it hearkens back to when I was learning to program: every language has its own version of what they call “Hello World!” whose point is to somehow run a simple program with some kind of output or effect to the tune of announcing that it’s working with the string “Hello World!”  That’s this post.

First off, I would like to thank everyone who has been participating or will be participating in the near future in the formation and execution of Novelty Factor.  I have outlined these talented individuals in our About Us page.   I do need to reiterate that currently:  … at this time we are no longer publicly accepting more clients until such time Novelty Factor can support them.  In order to contact us please visit our online contact form.

I thought I would spend this post talking somewhat about what we are currently working on and what our clients are doing.

Our first client is the lovely Fabric Nook located in Granby, Colorado.  With some consultation from a local web designer the proprietor, Tina obtained a beautiful webpage.  After she contacted us, we optimized the site for highest graphical fidelity and HTML simplification.  On top of that, we installed a blog in a subdirectory where she has been able to further connect with her local and online community.  We also helped her claim and obtain official Google listings and Facebook page, and have helped launch and gradually expand her Instagram business account.  We are currently working on launching and integrating a more feature-rich online storefront, and other additional content including a YouTube channel.

Our second and third clients are the websites MausMerryjest.com and PabloRomeroTenor.com.  MausMerryjest.com, of course, is the brainchild of our founding member Maus Merryjest.  This site is the artistic/personal blog for Maus Merryjest where he posts fan musings, original art, and various other interests.  Novelty Factor was completely responsible for the set-up and current maintenance of the blog, and continue to help Maus create content and engage his visitors.  PabloRomeroTenor.com focuses on the opera singer Pablo Romero (tenor) and is currently created and hosted on the Wix website hosting platform, but that didn’t stop Novelty Factor with some technical wizardry to build and host a blog for Pablo at the blog.pabloromerotenor.com subdomain on our own servers.  Here Pablo has been able to successfully connect with fans and colleagues using various post content as well as increase his social network engagement beyond a static webpage.

A few other clients who are still in the growing/conception stages include Reliqua Dissimilis, a sci-fi artistic project heavily involving interactive experiences.  We were able to just recently help this artist launch a teaser video for their creative campaign, with music and execution produced by the creatives at Novelty Factor (including custom programming).  HowToProgramAnything.com, the brainchild of founding member Asher Wolfstein, is meant to focus on programming and maker tutorials for all ages translated into multiple languages.  It is currently in incubation, but do stay tuned.  RaisingWildHumans.com is a future lifestyle blog focused on healthy living and homesteading as a family of six in the digital age.  It is still in its conceptual stage.

Finally, there is the original blog that started it all, Wunk.me, the personal blog of founding member Asher Wolfstein.  This project is part personal, part artistic, as I explore what it means to be a person overcoming several different challenges in life, internally and externally.  I also showcase things I do in my life that are interesting.

I hope that gives an idea of the type of work we are currently engaged in.  As I wrote at the beginning of this post Novelty Factor is currently not taking any further clients until further development can occur.  However, you can contact us with the online contact form.

Thanks for your interest,

photo credit: Rusty Russ Sunset – My Usual Way via photopin (license)


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