Moving Forward In 2021

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This year The Novelty Factor LLC finalized re-organizing from a previous partnership into a single-member LLC. Unfortunately, as outlined in the About page, various factors stymied the original organization’s development/success. It was eventually shuttered. Thus, the Novelty Factor LLC begins anew this year and stands alone at the beginning of the American post-pandemic era.

A Number Of Factors

The factors that hindered, and eventually shut down, Novelty Factor LLC in its original form were:

  • Lack of proper focus and too broad of goals,
  • A failure to secure delivery of deliverables,
  • Underestimation of time commitment for research and development,
  • and the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).

Focus And Goals

One factor hindering Novelty Factor LLC was that the business was too unfocused. Right from the get-go, some individuals asked on social media, “Yeah, okay, but what do you guys actually do?” and there wasn’t a clear answer. That, of course, is quite problematic in the long term. Without a solid foundation, no business lasts for long.

On top of that, the description of the company frankly over-promised. We had anticipated scaling content production quickly and sustainably, but that was not the case. So, on the one hand, we were promising to focus on “blogs, articles, videos,” and more. On the other hand, there was nothing to see.


This was because we could not scale content production in the way we at first imagined. We also did not secure the delivery of any of our “products.” Barely any infrastructure existed where we could put the content (that had been developed). Likewise, there was no infrastructure to distribute the content to any wide audience. For a business trying to bill itself as a “content marketing solution,” that’s no good.

Research And Development

On top of that, some of our deliverables involved research and the development of new ideas and technologies. Unfortunately, we naïvely underestimated the time and manpower it would take to produce content. We also grossly miscalculated the resources necessary to produce an environment (organization) to foster the production of such content. Layer on top of that, the much larger spans of time necessary for developing what hopeful workflows and technology that would help us do that. Things began to sink quickly


And, of course, COVID-19 hit at a critical time when we might be able to reorganize effectively, thus delaying everything for a very long time. Interest suddenly switched from the possible to the necessary and from dreaming to surviving. Resources and connections dropped and fizzled, and everything came to a halt.

Thankfully for us, we had not gathered a long list of fans and investors to which we needed to profusely apologize (and pay back). It was just us and our own investment of time and resources with which we could watch ourselves fail. However, I apologize on behalf of Novelty Factor LLC if any projects that sounded amazing just never quite came to be.

Moving Forward

We must address these issues to gain any confidence with the organization moving forward. Therefore, I shall address them here in simple terms.

New Clearer Focus

While our About page and Vision and History still state goals that remain broad and open-ended, our internal goals moving forward have become more clarified. Our focus right now is mainly on the development of our internal projects/products. The primary focus of these is an online service we hope to launch fairly soon to help customers deliver content to their audiences in a fair on-demand pricing structure. We’re also hoping to enable clients to develop more powerful turnkey websites with integrated features that usually require custom programming. We plan to host both of these solutions in the cloud with scalability in mind.

Because of this, we are less focused on the moment with many of the projects that rely on the delivery of internally developed content, including How To Make A Fursuit, Poochie Cures Cancer or Lucifurryanism. While we developed foundations for these products, particularly they will remain on the back burner.

One service that’s NOT on the back burner is our social media management services headed up by Maus. Maus currently manages social media campaigns for (part of Kerzner/Mediarts Entertainment Inc.), The Novelty Factor LLC, and was involved in running the successful Kickstarter campaign for Transolar Entertainment’s Summer Daze, which resulted in complete funding and a release coming up on Steam June 22, 2021. So if you’re interested in social media management work, please request a quote.

Delivering Deliverables

Our renewed focus is thus not on content development, per se, but on building tools (software) to deliver that content more effectively and economically. I believe there is a great opportunity in this field and that this focus will enable Novelty Factor to begin building the investment necessary to expand its original vision.

Moving forward, we will be opening up online service(s) on a pay-as-you-go basis and developing open-source software for content delivery. We’re hoping to set a new standard of value-based pricing with these services and create a more level playing field for online publishing. I’m looking forward to building these platforms for all the creatives and different-minded people whom we hope to empower in our mission.

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