Moving Forward in 2022

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This year marks the end of The Novelty Factor LLC as a single-member limited liability company. The Novelty Factor LLC has filed for dissolution with the state of Colorado. What does this mean for Novelty Factor moving forward? Is there a replacement?

Novelty Factor is now the name of a working group formed under Original Pursuits LLC, our new “parent” company. Novelty Factor, as a working group, will continue to work on its projects and the launching of a number of intellectual properties, as well as provide two services as a brand: single-sign-on and hosting.

Single-sign-on (or SSO) for the various websites that Novelty Factor currently operates is to be implemented in early 2022. This service will run on the OAuth protocol popularized by big-name social media and tech sites like Facebook and Google. The idea is that users can register one account at, and use that account to register and sign in on all Novelty Factor sites, including,, and

Novelty Factor also hopes to offer turn-key hosting services in mid-2022 for websites. Turn-key here means that the service will be automated online, so server provisioning and account creation will occur in an automated way online rather than in-person, much like the larger hosting companies.

We also hope to launch an API geared towards service providers and professionals that need to convert and stream video online. We’re planning to launch this API in an invite-only alpha state in mid-2022 as well.

While we’re sad to see The Novelty Factor LLC shut its doors as a company, we’re excited to move forward into offering digital deliverables of great value. All legal, and other, queries about The Novelty Factor LLC should be filed at the new location for the Terms of Service:

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