The Gorehound’s Playground Client Contact

This is the client information and contact section for NOCO Entertainment LLC’s property The Gorehound’s Playground located in Fort Collins, CO.

You can currently send specific contact information to Novelty Factor LLC with regards to any specific issues you may be having with mechanisms or frameworks that we’ve installed. Below are specific contact forms for such purposes:

  • Contact about an issue with The Contact Management System being run on the blog, stream, network, and festival sites. A FAQ will be installed in this area soon.

If you are seeking other information and wish to contact us, please use the following contact form:

The Gorehound's Playground General Contact Support Form

Further Contact

Asher Wolftein serves as the general contact person for The Gorehound’s Playground collaboration with Novelty Factor LLC. Below is all his contact information on many channels:

Twitter: @asherwolfstein
Discord: asherwolfstein#9836