Hello World!

Yes, I actually used that title for this post. Really, it hearkens back to when I was learning to program. Every programming language has its own version of what they call a “Hello World!” program. The point of this simple program is to execute with some kind of output announcing that it’s working with the string “Hello World!” That’s this post.

First off, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the formation and execution of Novelty Factor LLC. I have outlined these talented individuals on our About Us page. We have an exciting enterprise made up of extraordinary individuals, and the future looks bright. To contact us for collaboration, work, or inquiry, please visit our online contact form.

I thought I would spend this post talking somewhat about what we are currently working on and what our clients are doing.

Our Clients

Novelty Factor LLC considers itself lucky to have partnered early on with a couple of very creative individuals and their businesses. These include the Fabric Nook, a fabric and crafts store located in the heart of Grand County, Colorado, and The Gorehound’s Playground, a movie rental, video sales, and event space located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Fabric Nook (https://tinasfabricnook.com/)

Our first client is the lovely Fabric Nook, located in Granby, Colorado. With some consultation from a local web designer, the proprietor, Tina, obtained a beautiful webpage. After she contacted us, we optimized the site for the highest graphical fidelity and HTML simplification. The site previously bogged down browsers and often resulted in a jagged and challenging experience for the user. We reviewed and revised the HTML by hand, bringing it up to version 5 specifications and significantly streamlining the user experience.

After that was done, we integrated the entire website into a content management system geared towards blogs. Using this system, Tina has been able to further connect with her local and online community. We also helped her claim and obtain official Google listings and Facebook page, and have helped launch and gradually expand her Instagram business account. We are currently working on launching and integrating a more feature-rich online storefront and other additional content, including a YouTube channel.

The Gorehound’s Playground (https://thegorehoundsplayground.com/)

Our second client is the unique Gorehound’s Playground, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. This storefront, headed up by the visionary Jeff, specializes in horror and cult movie rentals and sales, as well as associated paraphernalia, including comics, games, books, posters, and collectibles. Novelty Factor LLC stepped in after The Gorehound had already established its web presence using the Wix website building service. The cofounders of Novelty Factor LLC became involved in the supportive community around the store. They published a complimentary report on maximizing the impact of their social media outlets. Asher Wolfstein personally wrote additional copy and revised sections of the main site.

After that, we designed a blog using open source content management systems. We now host it on our in-house server at the subdomain blog.thegorehoundsplayground.com, while the rest of the main site continues to be hosted on Wix. The Gorehound’s Playground just celebrated its second year in business this Halloween and is always offering new developments, so be sure to check them out.

Pablo Romero, Tenor (https://pabloromerotenor.com/)

Our third client is the esteemed Pablo Romero, an operatic tenor. His professional profile and information are found at PabloRomeroTenor.com. PabloRomeroTenor.com focuses on the opera singer Pablo Romero (tenor) and was initially created and hosted mainly on the Wix platform. However, with some technical wizardry, Novelty Factor LLC set up and hosted a blog for Mr. Romero at blog.pabloromerotenor.com.

This sufficed for some time. Still, after some consultation, we decided that PabloRomeroTenor.com would serve its purpose better if it were integrated. This integration is one hosted site using open source content management software. We proceeded to translate what was available on the Wix site. This involved reformatting existing pages within the content management system. This also meant maintaining the existing blog. In the end, all pages and articles were integrated into one whole, where Mr. Romero can connect with, be contacted by, and gain competitive insight on his audience. Here Pablo has been able to successfully connect with fans and colleagues using various post content. He has also increased his social network engagement beyond a static webpage.

By Word Of Maus (https://bywordofmaus.com/)

By Word Of Maus is the brainchild of our founding member Maus Merryjest. This website is the artistic/personal blog for Maus Merryjest. This is where he naturally posts fan musings, original art, and various other interests. This site was previously hosted at MausMerryjest.com. Novelty Factor LLC performed a site migration on it. We moved its database and content management system to the new host ByWordOfMaus.com. This migration included the maintenance of current URLs and the establishment of appropriate forwarders. This enabled Maus to not leave previous published links or search engine indices in the dust.

Novelty Factor LLC is entirely responsible now for the set-up and current maintenance of the blog, its software stack, and hosting. We continue to help Maus create fascinating content and engage his visitors and fans.

World Of Wunk (https://wunk.me/)

Here is the original blog that started it all, Wunk.me. Wunk.me is the personal blog of the author’s, being the founding member Asher Wolfstein. This blog was re-branded last year from My Beautiful Life to the World Of Wunk to consolidate and focus the content. It aims to move towards being more of a lifestyle blog than a personal journal. In this process, we archived the old content into a subdomain (archive.wunk.me.) Accordingly, we set-up redirect forwarders at every existing old URL to point to this “new” archive blog. This was to safely maintain search engine indices and SEO scores that the website has already gained.

This migration was complicated as the older blog was part of a more extensive database system rather than its own beast. But after careful data management, we accomplished the migration without a hitch. It is with this meticulous attention to detail and ability to adapt to the unique set-up of any technical project that Novelty Factor LLC hopes to aim to always impress.

World Of Wunk has been on a hiatus status for approximately a year and a half. However, with the publication of a new about page (About Asher Wolfstein, Creative Genius Extraordinaire), the blog hopes to pick up momentum. It shall generate traction again as we head into 2020. Novelty Factor LLC has been able to offer Asher resources on social media engagement, content generation, and marketing research. These have served his content distribution goals throughout this process.

Projects In Development

Some of our future endeavors are still in the incubation and planning stage. However, we would be negligent to not mention them here. These projects do not have a projected timeline towards completion but are exciting nonetheless and offer some great opportunities.

Original Pursuits Society (http://originalpursuitssoc.com/)

Original Pursuits Society is a proposed organization/company whose mission is to be dedicated to the creative individual, or in other words, “the appreciation and creation of quality art.” It found inspiration in a previous organization, now eighteen-years-old and defunct, that was co-founded and run by founding member Asher Wolfstein in his youth. This organization “provided a welcome environment for unconventional and creative individuals” in an area where there weren’t any “real alternative outlets.” The profound and lasting effect on many of its members to this day stands as a unique example of creativity.

The Original Pursuits Society (OPS) wishes to bring this effect into the twenty-first century. Using technologies/sites that didn’t exist at that time, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more, we can have a more significant impact. Now it is time to bring it all back together, using these current tools. We will create a robust and stable community of creative and different individuals, as was previously meant. For more information, you can check out the section on OPS in Asher Wolfstein’s about page. Or, for up-to-date news, you can head over to OriginalPursuitsSoc.com.

Poochie Cures Cancer (https://poochiecurescancer.com/)

For the last decade, Asher Wolfstein’s been working off and on on a long-running cross-over work of pure parody (otherwise known as a “fanfiction”) titled Poochie Cures Cancer. He has shared this creation at times with his friends and acquaintances to riotous effect. This composition is definitely “advanced placement,” and after much popular demand deserves to be published for everyone to see. This entirely parodic work features the adventures of Poochie (from Itchy & Scratchy fame) and his quest to save the Empress of Friendship Strawberry Shortcake from the plague of Berry Cancer. If that sounds like your kind of story, and believe me, it’s your kind of story, then head on over to PoochieCuresCancer.com for the latest developments. Enjoy!

How To Program Anything (https://howtoprogramanything.com/)

How To Program Anything is the brainchild of founding member Asher Wolfstein. The site means to focus on programming and “maker” tutorials for all ages translated into multiple languages. Being a resource for learning how to “program” in the most essential sense is the goal. The idea is “to determine the process and theoretical framework of programming, [computation,] and logical problem solving as a whole.” The reader should be able to quickly learn and program in any language with any technology after he has gained an understanding of the underlying abstractions that guide the process of creating computational machines and processes.

Asher hopes that “it can bring a lot of very heady and mysterious subjects in fields such as computer science, mathematics, and engineering, onto a level that most people will be able to grasp.” On top of that, a great and supportive community of programming and maker enthusiasts could develop as the site grows. For more information and up-to-date news, please visit HowToProgramAnything.com.

Artificial Dream Productions (https://artificialdreamproductions.com/)

Artificial Dream Productions so far is the concept of a creative studio specializing in online virtual worlds and indie retro computer games. The idea is to opt for something more imaginatively evocative such as old pixel graphics in the style of early computer systems rather than shoot for super realistic three-dimensional graphics. By not using modern technology to necessarily crank out the state-of-the-art graphics, we’re able to focus on other more exciting aspects such as artificial intelligence, game interaction innovation, and narrative.

Artificial Dream Production rests in an in-between retro-future demesne. It hopes to start creating interactive creations through client/patron support (commission.) These either run on old hardware or are inspired by and adhere to some of its restrictions. We hope that this results in a more fabulous imagination in terms of creativity. We also hope it invokes great nostalgia and respect for the past history of game creation. For more information, you can check out the description of this studio on Asher’s about page. For up-to-date news, you can navigate to ArtificialDreamProductions.com.

Chraki / Reliqua Dissimilis (https://chraki.dev/ and https://reliquadissimilis.com/)

Chraki is a constructed language (known as a “conlang”) that can be both spoken as a natural language for regular communication and as a technical language to specify computational processes. This conlang consists of a hierarchy of “words” known as “encodifications” whose meanings depend on their relationship with each other. It is expressed in written form using a series of symbols from both a syllabary as well as a broad set of ideograms denoting particular “encodifications.” This language is currently being developed at Chraki.dev. This site employs a custom language server that provides linguistic services such as fonts, definitions, and organization. For more background on Chraki and its development, you can currently see the section about it on Asher’s about page.

Reliqua Dissimilis (translated as “Unlike The Rest”) is a concept for a computer game (interactive simulation) detailing the epic narrative of Kadar Falcraft. Kadar is a wolf-skunk hybrid living in the far future with his robot guardian Howard. One unique aspect of the game is its narrative. The game is told completely, or almost entirely, in the Chraki language, as that is the language spoken in the future. As of this writing, it is unclear yet if the game will be a series of smaller creations, but it’s looking like that will be the case. The development of the game is in the hands of Artificial Dream Productions and Kadar Entertainment. It will most likely feature indie retro aesthetics. You can find more information at ReliquaDissimilis.com, including a teaser video featuring Chraki syllabary symbols.

Psychoelectric Artonauts (https://psychoelectricartonauts.com/)

This particular project is one for the farther future, but it should be listed here. Psychoelectric Artonauts is a band formed initially by founding members Asher and Maus. It is a place of free expression where several genres are “remixed” in unconventional ways, and also performed with unique presentation elements. Exploding any pigeonhole and refusing to be entirely pinned down, the band features classical, rock, and electronic music in a dizzying blend of glitter, leather, lasers, and fur. This band, and its parent production company Opera Metaphysick, currently has a domain name, but unfortunately not much else at PsychoelectricArtonauts.com and OperaMetaphysick.com.

In Conclusion

Things are pretty exciting around here in the Novelty Factor LLC headquarters. This is a pretty substantial list of projects to be launching in the next year or two (2020/2021), but I think we’re definitely heading on the right track. As always, we’ll be looking forward to your support and enthusiasm! If you are interested or intrigued by any of the projects listed here, we are always looking for feedback and support. Simply contact us at https://noveltyfactor.com/contact/.

Thanks for your interest,

photo credit: Rusty Russ Sunset – My Usual Way via photopin (license)


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