Co-founder Asher Wolfstein

Co-founder and Executive Creative Genius

Portrait of Asher Wolfstein
A recent portrait of Asher

Asher is the quintessential autodidact. From philosophy to computer science, he has taught himself the majority of his hard-earned skills. Growing up in the early eighties in the rural Rocky Mountains, he participated in the traditional independent western ranching lifestyle. Meaningful, practical work helped form the foundation of Asher’s reality-based ethics of responsible self-application.

At the age of seven, Asher taught himself coding with his family’s TRS-80 Color Computer II 16k. Driven by his exposure to the Nintendo Entertainment System, he was intensely interested in creating entertaining and artistic interactive simulations. He immediately fell in love with learning to operate and control this machine to do his bidding, as well as the potential to actualize imaginative worlds and (seemingly) living narratives.

Having lived in a well-connected community amidst the transience of tourism, he appreciates the values of commonality and individuality. With this appreciation, he criticizes and eschews coercion and force, seeking only authentic benefits through self-reliant cooperation and respect.

You are responsible for your beliefs and actions and any resultant happiness or lack of it.

Asher Wolfstein

Asher has previously worked as a fully licensed insurance agent, an educational technology paraprofessional, a professional programmer, ranch hand, writer, actor, and has even had his artwork displayed in local galleries. He is fascinated by the capacity of applied philosophy to have far-reaching beneficial effects on life’s quality. He has experience working effectively with various individuals towards mutual benefit and understanding in a range of settings.

Asher values quality and strives to be his personal best in everything he chooses to do. If something is not worth doing well, it’s probably not worth doing. In this vein, Asher has honed his outlook and ethics to include several principles. Chief among them is that you can’t help people by taking from others, only giving.

His stoicism includes the idea that honor, fame, and riches are neutral and worth little; virtue means everything. Monetary wealth is merely a tool to use towards achieving your goals, not a goal in itself. Your existence alone doesn’t automatically make you virtuous, good or bad. There is nothing you have to do; every action is always a choice and a reflection of your values. These choices will project your virtue.

Asher currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his husband. Asher’s further musings on life, his technological projects both commercial and personal (particularly with code), his interests and concerns, loves and hates, the spelunkings of his cavernous mind, what’s he’s currently into, and his surprising life of joy from painful beauty is available at his personal blog World of Wunk.

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