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Novelty Factor offers social media management services as directed under Maus Merryjest.

Social Media Management Services

These services include campaign creation and management, social presence consultation, and community administration. Our current focus is on the major social media services: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

    Previous / Ongoing Social Media Work

    Transolar Entertainment’s Summer Daze Kickstarter campaign, which resulted in funding for Summer Daze to be released on Steam on June 22, 2021. Maus worked closely with game design legends Lori and Cori Cole, creators of the Quest For Glory series, and coordinated campaigns to meet specific objectives including live streams.

    Maus works with Kerzner/Mediarts Entertainment Inc. on their FU_Network managing social media campaigns for all their podcasts. (He also co-hosts The Broken Clock podcast with Liana K.)